"It’s just like what they did to us in 1976" - My mother

Scenes from the Soweto Student Uprising (1976) and the recent Ferguson protests

RIP Michael Brown

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One of life’s greatest lessons is to LOVE YOURSELF!

I fell in love with myself so heavily during my time abroad and coming home, I feel I’d forgotten that lesson! Like who am I? To have God bring me that far, to have me learn soooo many lessons about who I am and who I am IN HIM! Who am I to sit back and revert to the same childish ways. I don’t have time.



I would love to visit them all

I must make it to all places

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A heckler threw her shoe at Hillary Clinton during her talk in Vegas.

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Twice as good.

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"You have to be twice as good to get half as much."




-said every black parent in America


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